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The project PROMISEANG

Alternative microbial fermentation proteins

The project

PROMISEANG aims to develop novel proteins from underexploited marine sources, including marine invertebrate and macroalgae discards and industrial biowaste and by-products, through fermentation using fungi, yeast or bacteria. This should generate new microbial protein biomass that meets market requirements for food, animal feed and non-food products such as pharmaceuticals and cosmetics.

A technically and economically viable biorefinery for microbial-based protein production will be demonstrated, allowing for high yields, reduced production times and costs, minimal environmental impact and increased availability of proteins in the EU. Taking a zero-waste approach, PROMISEANG will also recover and synthesise non-protein bio-compounds and molecules for food, feed and non-food applications.


PROMISEANG’s goal is to formulate zero-waste procedures for producing proteins via biomass fermentation of non-conventional marine sources. It then looks to use the proteins to create nutritious, high-value, sustainable food, feed and non-food products.

To this end, the project aims to:



PROMISEANG is expected to:

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