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Our project at a glimpse

The PROMISEANG is divided into 8 different Work Packages


The PROMISEANG is divided into 8 different Work Packages

Work package WP1 – Project Management
  • Creating a robust organizational setup for efficient management.
  • Defining and ensuring visibility of project goals.
  • Monitoring progress, taking corrective actions, and maintaining effective administrative and technical management for timely reporting and financial efficiency.
Work package WP2 – Sorting of underexploited marine sources for production of alternative proteins by fermentation
  • Assessing nutritional safety & viability of unique marine sources.
  • Analysing market needs for innovative fermentation-based proteins.
  • Choosing best untapped marine discards for novel fermentation processes.
Work package WP3 – Development of novel alternative proteins by biomass fermentations
  • Enhancing protein production through eco-friendly treatments, fermentation optimization, and refining downstream processes for various marine substrates.
  • Exploring new microorganisms and consortia for alternative protein generation via submerged or solid-state fermentations.
  • Utilizing digital tools and machine learning to design and select high-performing microorganisms, aiming to produce superior microbial protein extracts while optimizing bioactive compounds like enzymes through a zero-residue approach.
Work package WP4 – Characterization and safety approval of the alternative protein extracts for final applications
  • Assessing nutritional and biochemical aspects of new protein extracts (SCP and bulk).
  • Ensuring safety for human and/or animal use of alternative protein ingredients.
  • Analysing functional traits of protein extracts and components, aiming for diverse applications in food, feed, and pharma/cosmetics.


Work package WP5 – Evaluation and valorisation of other non-protein biomolecules from bio-based feedstocks
  • Producing chitosan from biomass and characterizing it from chitin fractions.
  • Extracting lipids from marine biomass and assessing protein-rich extracts via fermentation.
  • Identifying nonprotein biomolecules like polyphenols, carrageenan, etc., for various applications such as bioplastics, pharma, biomedicine, and cosmetics.


Work package WP6 – Design and validation of food, feed and non-food protein-based products
  • Formulating four types of food outcomes (powder drinks, sport foods, diary-like formulations, and seafood-like foods) with PROMISEANG protein extracts while validating in sensory assays.
  • Creating feed products for three different animals (cat, dog, and fish) using PROMISEANG protein extracts, conducting validation through in vivo studies.
  • Developing and characterizing two non-food applications for the pharma and cosmetic sectors utilizing PROMISEANG protein extracts.


Work package WP7 – Sustainability assessment of PROMISEANG alternative proteins and bioprocesses
  • Analysing the potential sustainability impacts of applying microbial communities to produce alternative proteins from marine sources.
  • Evaluating the environmental and economic feasibility of new protein-based products derived from fermentation.
  • Identifying sustainability hotspots and benefits of innovative fermented alternative proteins, assessing their environmental, social, and economic impacts for food, feed, and non-food products.


Work package WP8 – Communication, Dissemination and Exploitation
  • Developing a cohesive communication framework for external stakeholders and the public to present a unified project image.
  • Optimizing the project’s website to maximize accessibility and awareness of findings for greater impact and legacy.
  • Encouraging engagement, data sharing, and collaboration across regions for PROMISEANG biomolecules while strategizing IP rights and technology transfer for effective outcome exploitation.